Do most developers know the basics of good SEO practices?

Like anything else it seems like the more you are around something the more you tend to develop an overall general knowledge of things, and I was wondering if such a thing applied to most web developers?

If I hire someone (freelance not in-house) to do the web development on a site I am planning, is it realistic to expect them to know the basics of good SEO practices? Such as minimal use of Javascript, presence of search terms in HTML title tag & body copy, use of bold around search term, use of header tags around search term & etc. ?

Probably not. Most developers I know aren’t even aware of it.

My BRO is a designer and a bit of developer too. He thinks that SEO is just title and meta tags lol. Good that they do not know it coz then our jobs might be at risk :stuck_out_tongue:

SEO is nothing more than domain knowledge, and if your developer has been working in a good environment for more than a few years they’ll know the market and they’ll know what works and what doesn’t on a website. In fact, more often than not developers are very good at combing through the nonsense that some SEO shysters come out with.

In regards to on-page optimisation these are already valid practices in development so on these counts your developer will know more than enough. If you’re looking for someone to improve your online marketing strategy then you should look into hiring someone with an interest in online marketing, preferably within your sector.

I don’t think most of the developers have the knowledge of SEO. If a firm has own developers & SEO team, the developers only do the changes as per told by the SEO guys.

In my experience, good developers understand on page SEO. Other than that they don’t even need to know off page SEO. PS. many of developers I met think SEO is a big lie :slight_smile:

I think now days many developer understand the on-page optimize factors about website. But it is good consult or hire a person for SEO, developer can help you in basic SEO but he should be very good in what he do that is web development.

Considering that most SEO experts don’t know the basics of good search engine optimization practices, I’d say probably not.

Although, considering that they don’t know the basics, odds are they’re doing a better job at SEO than your standard SEO experts by focusing on quality instead of the outdated bags of tricks circulating through ebooks.