SEO and Link Building Strategies

What do you think are the most effective SEO and Link Building Strategies after Google implemented its Penguin update?

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Avoid Spammy links.
Post quality content on your website.
Build natural links of quality which should be relevant to your niche.

also try:
Social Bookmarking
Guest Blogging
Blog Comments (relevant to your niche)
Web Directories with good PR (relevant)
Press Releases

Social Media Optimization: Build social media channels… Create your business profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter or other like (Pinterest, Stumbleupon) for instant traffic.

[font=verdana]The recommended strategies haven’t changed. There is lots of information in the SEO FAQ, and we’ve had more discussions in the [url=]Internet Marketing forum about this than you can shake a stick at.

So that we don’t go round and round in circles repeating the same things over and over, I’m closing this thread now.[/font]