Ecommerce Link Building Strategies

Hi, I was wondering what link building strategies people use for their ecommerce site.

I would suggest writing really good/useful content which reviews each product, includes testimonials and get these on a blog. If you do it right for niche keywords you could rank really well, the content may become link worthy content and it will improve your internal linking structure.

It would be useful to analyze the backlink structure of your main competitors …
(structure, number of backlinks, etc.) Maybee you could already get good ranking improvements by building a few high qualit links.
For e-commerce it´s quite difficult to get free backlinks, so paid links are a big issue here … you could search for them at professional backlink marketplaces.

Few link building building ideas for E-Commerce site:

  • Promote your site by blogging. Provide award for top bloggers in your sector. Follow linkbait style in your blog post.
  • Do Press Release
  • Get some review for your products
  • Offer content to affiliate sites and blogs

Hey there I used a site called, they gave me 10 links a day which stayed on their homepage for around 70 days. They are pretty good so far but you have to type in the raw html’s which is frustrating and I have only been using the service for like one month so I cant fully vouch for them yet. hope this helps

Forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, social networking, article submission, directory submission are the main link building strategies.

Where are many strategies mentioned above. All works, but the trick to select that is the most effective the sector.

Articles about the same topic as website, helpful fourm posts, I really recommend to wrote as many content as you can and then to use this as you see where it is needed.

Creative content for each products and the most important thing is you analyze the audience or viewer of the product.

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