Sending a friend request to unknown person is it ok

sending a friend request to unknown person is it ok , because of this one my friend angry on me

Please explain further.

What “friend request” do you mean, SitePoint forums, Facebook, something else?

You said “unknown person”, and “friend got angry”.
If a friend, they’re not unknown. You mean the unknown person got angry?

in facebook i send friend request to unknown person because of this one of my friend got angry on me

That doesn’t seem like a reason for a friend to get angry unless they feel the friendship is “exclusive”.
eg. My wife wouldn’t be please if I started sending friend requests to unknown women.

It seems to me that if they are a friend they wouldn’t mind if you reached out to others.

Was the “unkown person” a friend of this friend? If so, do they think that’s what’s wrong?

ya a friend of this friend

Sending Friend request to the unknown person especially with reference to the field of social media is not all appreciated.
Many a times, it does hamper your social reputation, social image, & can adversely even block your social account from accessing.
One hand where social site provides a channels for communication & expanding your network to outreach your audience, at the same time getting your account block for sending request to the unknown persons can create bad image.

I can see where sending mega friend requests to unknowns might raise a flag. But I get all kinds of
“so-and-so is a friend of your friend, you might know them” and “so-and-so has # mutual friends” type of notices all the time.
Seems like Facebook encourages one to increase the number of friends they have.

My guess is the firend has “territorial” issues, perhaps something to do with ssethi54’s motive.
For example, I doubt most of my friends would mind if I interacted with friends on their friend list to sociallize, but if I used thier friend list to have more people for promotion purposes I can see why some would be upset.

I need more friends on my account for promotions and it is friend request not a atom bomb

Perhaps not, but what one person calls “promotion” another callls “SPAM”.

Sending friend request to unknown members, if anyone report you to Facebook, you will be banned for some days or sometimes its permanently.
Be careful while you sending a request to unknown persons.

A lot of unknown people send me such kind of requests but it doesn’t make me angry. I always accept their invitation. I don’t think it is a big problem.:slight_smile: