Managing Friends & Friend-Requests

This is sorta complicated to explain, so I hope you guys are up for a good read?!

My website allows Members to “Friend” other Members. With me so far? :lol:

And when a Member is logged in, they have a page that shows “Incoming Friend-Requests” where they can choose to “Decide later”, “Accept”, or “Decline” each Friend-Request. If the Accept/Decline a Friend-Request, then that person disappears from the view.

Last night, I added a similar page called “History of Friend-Requests” thinking that a Member might want change a Friend-Request-Decision from “Accept” to “Reject” or visa-versa. So, in other words, this page shows a Requests whether in the “Decide later”, “Accept”, or “Decline” state.

Here is where it gets tricky…

A “Friendship” has a “Requestor” and a “Requestee” and each has a choice to “Accept” or “Decline” a Friendship. If both are not “Accept”, then the Friendship ceases to exist (or never happens in the first place).

I am wondering if I should have some global view that shows all Incoming and Outgoing Friend-Requests, and lets the logged in Member “Accept” or “Reject”: 1.) Friendships started by Me, 2.) Friendships started by Another, 3.) Requests started by me, 4.) Request started by Another, 5.) Requests Accepted by Me, 6.) Requests Accepted by Another, 7.) Requests Declined by Me, 8.) Requests Declined by Another…

See where it gets kinda complex?

Again, the way I have things now, Friend-Requests come in, you “Decide later”, “Accept”, or “Decline” and then you either are Friends or the other person goes poof, plus there is no way to manage Friendships I started or Friendships I accepted.

Hope this is making some sense?! :-/