Turn off ALL Friend Requests

I got a facebook account which I wanted to be very limited. Is there a way to prevent people from sending me Friend Requests? I see that under Privacy Settings > Send Me Friend Requests, I can only choose “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends.” But I don’t want to be receiving friend requests from anybody right now. How to control this?


Just ignore any friendship requests.

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To be honest, I don’t think you control anything on Facebook. It controls you. :slight_smile:

If you don’t allow any friends in the first place then setting it to “Friends of Friends” should do it.

Thanks for the input. Felgall, not sure what you mean by “don’t allow any friends”? Can you elaborate? It appears to me the settings for different things on FB are very disorganized. :rolleyes:

I don’t want to be rude by just ignoring people. I would prefer that if someone tries to submit requests they are notified that my account isn’t currently accepting friend requests, or something like that. The FB help files don’t seem to cover this issue. Is that intentional?

What you want to do is not what Facebook thinks you should be doing… Facebook is after all a social network so it goes beyond 1:1 and has grown to be very sophisticated at suggesting people around. There’s no perfect way to stop it since that is the goal.

What you can do, as Felgall mentioned, is make your account basically unfindable. If you have no friends, no one can see you unless they search by name.

If you have a few friends there will be some suggestions made and you will get requests. You can’t block them up front but when you decline nothing is sent to the user, they merely don’t become your friend and may try again down the road.

Lock down your privacy settings so no one but friends see anything and you’ll see the asks get reduced.

I don’t think you have an option through which you can do that. Maybe you can suggest something like via contacting the customer care of facebook

I have two facebook accounts. with my other facebook it can block the public from finding you and sending you requests. but on my other one it only allows me to choose “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends.”

I dont know what is the difference between the two facebooks.

Have you managed to fix yours???

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