Selling question

Hello everyone. I’m not the most literate computer person so i’ve got a few questions. If I sell a domain name, how does the actual transfer of the site work? I don’t mean the money cause I know that goes through paypal but the actual name and stuff. That’s it for now, I was just wondering about that. I’m kinda new at this stuff so feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Depends… Who did you register your domain with? If Namecheap you can simply “Push” the domain to another user.

i usually get my domain names through

Thats ok, it is very easy then,

Select the domain
Enter the new registration info
Get email and log into other account
Submit transaction id and security code and go through a zero dollar checkout and that is it!

if registrar is same as it appears in your case, you have to push the domain to another account.

Good luck with GoDaddy

I suppose that is right time to start learning the process. Visit SEDO (one of the biggest marketplaces) and do the search there.
Good luck.

depends on the register. most have easy guides

you can sell your domain on most popular websites like