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Hi there,

I am creating a new questions and answers website for a local town. I would like to ask what would be the best way to create the category URL structure.

I have categories including:

Arts and Humanities
Beauty and Style
Business and Finance

Should I create the URLs such as:


I’m thinking of using the name of the categories as:

“XTOWN Arts & Humanities”
“Arts & Humanities in XTOWN”

Any suggestions would be great.


“xtown-arts-and-humanities” feels slightly less cumbersome to me, as a potential visitor to your site.

If you’re worrying about search engines, it will make no difference either way. Design the site for humans, and the search engines will be fine.

Thanks for the reply.

Do you think I should add “questions” to the end of the categories.

For example



I’d say not. IMHO, the shorter the better. The addition of “questions” doesn’t add anything in terms of helping visitors orient themselves.

You might find this article helpful:

I see, that makes sense… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I agree with @TechnoBear, the first name sounds best to me too, but if the site domain is the name of the town, I think you could skip the XTOWN in the category names.

On the other hand, bookmarks and the OS activity bar buttons are named after the page title, so the XTOWN-category name could be good in the page’s title tag.

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