Business directory main/sub category SEF URL question

Hi there,

I am working on a business directory for my local town.

My main domain is “[townName]

I have a few questions as to what my URLs/slugs should be.

I currently have a main category called “Shops and Businesses” which will have sub categories of local business sectors in my town.

Should I be using something like /shops-and-businesses-in-[townName]/ as the main category?

I then have a sub category which is slightly different to the other sub categories which will contain shops and businesses in our local high street. Listings will also be added to other categories. For example, there would be a café in the high street which would also be listed in the Food and Drink category.

I have called this sub category “townName High Street”. Should I then use something like this for the URL:

/shops-and-businesses-in-[townName]/[townName]-high-street, or something like /shops-and-businesses-in-[townName]/high-street-shops-and-business

or maybe I should just have this category on it’s own, so something like:
/shops-and-businesses-in-[townName]-high-street/ so it is outside of the main business category?

I’m not sure if I have explained this well, but any suggestions would be great on the best way to do this/organise this category

I don’t know why you need the town name in the folder name, it’s already in the domain name. Unless you are including other satellite towns near the main town.
Honestly, I would not spend too much time agonising over such details.
What I would do is cut the repetition and use what reads well, makes sense and is no longer than it needs to be.
Don’t have the town name in the URL twice, let alone three times. Don’t say “shops and businesses” twice. Don’t say anything twice.

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Thanks for the reply. That makes sense, I guess I probably am over thinking these details, but just want to get it right.

I’m just wondering if I should use something like this for the “high street” category. Local people refer to our high street as “townName High Street” so thinking I might use

Is this not the same question you asked here?

SEF URLs for a local business directory

Did you check the Google link there?

Yes, it is similar, but it closed the day before I posted this, so I couldn’t reply there :confused:

I had a look at the Google link and will try to keep the links as simple as possible, although I still have some questions regarding my categories.

Should I be including the type of business/service in each URL, for example /clothing or clothing-shops-and-services? I’m wondering if just /clothing would suffice or if it is useful having the words “shops” and “services” in the structure as there could be a clothing shop in the town and also someone that offers clothing services?

And the same for “Business and Office” - should this be /business-and-office-shops-and-services? I don’t think this sounds right. There could be shops that sell business furniture and also a company that offers business services? I’m guessing just having the category name would be best, so just /business-and-office.

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