Seeking onpage SEO (tag html & placement) links & visual charts for Wordpress site

I have a Wordpress site I’m working on to be online soon. I have read various SEO articles but am not clear on what to do to correctly place tags.

From what I’ve read about SEO there’s two main categories… onpage SEO (ie-tags: H1, H2, H3, title, meta, etc) & and offpage (inbound links). I want search engines to best index my site’s pages so I get found as quickly as possible to get lots of organic traffic. I’m confused from SEO articles I’ve read on how to correctly code & place webpage tags.

I know no html coding yet; so… I’m seeking onpage SEO links & visual charts in order to learn HOW to properly have correct tag html & placement …for my future Wordpress site.

Thanks, Peter

The best SEO for WordPress is SEO by Yoast. Check that out.

for wordpress SEO you dont need to be worry. There are dozens of plugins developed for this purpose.
“All in one SEO” is a best example for this. using these plugins you will have to special input forms for page title, meta description, meta keywords etc.
Then you just need to place header tags (h2,h3,h4) in your post or page and title of the page/post will become h1 tag. Just place your keywords in text several time and think you did all on-page SEO. :slight_smile:

I may be mistaken, but I think the chances of getting a WP template website to rank well, are pretty minimal; I’ve never seen one.
The influence of tags is very minimal these days, and without having a lot of useful content, your site will not rank well in serps without using a lot of blackhat.
Since Penguin, the influence of links has also been reduced drastically, so the old trick of getting thousands of links to bump your ranking is out as well. In fact, since Panda it was risky to rely too much on artificial links and various sites saw their ranking go down by dozens of places if not more.
With all due respect, it sounds like you are looking for a low cost shortcut to web-wealth; it doesn’t exist.