Meta tags in header. Does it matter how high up they are?


I have a site developed in wordpress, and used a plug-in called All in one SEO… It places the meta info way down on line 69 of the header, and there is no way to change this.

Does the positioning of the tags greatly impact SEO?


No it doesn’t make any difference at all, metatags should ONLY be in the header tags that’s all you need. I use the plugin and it works well and puts the meta info in the right place, at line 25 or something (I just checked) so I imagine the issue is not the plugin - it is probable that you have some css or javascript code in there before.

What in the name of all things unholy are you doing with more than 69 lines in the header?

Quite frankly, if your editor is vomiting out code like that, it doesn’t matter where anything is because the chances are the site is so screwed up that Google will take one look at it and run away screaming.