Searching for particular syntax codes?

If you’re looking for a particular syntax in external css sheets, and you’ve got loads of css files and 100’s of lines of syntax in each one, how do you do a search, where it takes you directly to that particular syntax please ?

Any help appreciated.


That depends on what operating system you’re using and what software. I’d do

grep -n 'phrase' *.css
vi +<NNN> <filename>.css

(where ‘<NNN>’ is the line number shown by the first command and <filename> is the name of the file).

Thanks Tommy - I’m on win xp pro, but would that code just tka eyou to the file, or straight to the actual code ?

For css, I usually use topstylelite, but there’s no find or find/replace - what styles editor do the others here use ?

The first command finds the file and line number where the search phrases is.
The second command opens the editor (vi) and sets the cursor on the specified line of code.

It only works in Unix/Linux/BSD systems, of course. :slight_smile:

I use TopStyle pro. But are you sure the lite version doesn’t have a search function???

Thanks Tommy, but only have windows.

Thanks Luki, but on looking through the lite version, it doesn’t have that !