CSS menu help

Hi, i am new to coding/site creation/ these forums!

I am trying to make a small site for a friend, and he requested a CSS menu, the CSS menu i would like to use is one someone sent to me the link is here http://jsfiddle.net/NancyO/mD4zW/ I have input / customised the HTML part and inserted that to my sites index (homepage) But i do not know how / where to input the CSS code, i am looking for help


Welcome to SitePoint Michael.
Am not sure I know what you mean by “input the CSS”, are you using a CMS or did you hand code yourself? If you used a CMS, the way you update, if possible, the CSS is through the control panel ( how you access this varies by CMS).

In general, you will what to find the style sheet CSS file and add your code to it. As I assume your site already has some CSS beign applied to it; it is likely a CSS is already linked. Find this file and add your code to it there ( dont forget to save)

Best way to link ( or find where this CSS file resides is to look within the HEAD tag of your page, it will look something like this

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="[B]your/directory/styles.css[/B]" />

The text I HAVE BOLDED above is the path your CSS file.

hope that helps

Im using dreamweaver, i copy and pasted the code, i havent downloaded or anything.