Searching Code

Sitepoint Members,
Isn’t there a way to search your code? Google says I have “…html/” on my site but I can’t find it.



Where does it say you have it? Or on what page? Perhaps you have removed it since Google saw it.

Your question is not very clear, but if you mean how to find a specific string, you can open your file in a wordprocessor and do a search.

You can also view the source code of your page and hit Command + F (Mac … prolly Control + F on PC) and find the code that way.

I guess I left out something. My site has too many pages to go through it one by one with view source. So I was hoping there’s a way to scan all the code of all my pages at one time. Sorry for leaving that out.

[FONT=verdana]You can use your operating system’s Search feature to find which file contains the string in question. If you are using Windows, for example, right-click on the folder in Explorer, and select Search.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one or more files, open those files in a text editor, and use its Find feature to locate the specific string.


That worked great. I keep backups on my compurer so all I had to do was search the latest backup. I’ve used that function so many times but forgot about the “browse” choice at the bottom in the drop-down under “Look in:” in order to searcha specific files or folder.

Thanks Mikl