Searching for both of my domain names

I have my website under domainNameA added to Google search engine. And I also have a second name for my website domainNameB (has no web page), which points (re-direct) to domainNameA.

Yet, if I search for domainNameB, it isn’t found in searches. How can I make my domainNameB to be found in searches, which will direct people to domainNameA website from those searches? Thanks

Unfortunately, if you did set up what you describe, Google would almost certainly see either domainNameA or domainNameB as a duplicate site and discard it. If you simply want type-in traffic on domainNameB to be redirected to domainNameA, the right way to do that is with a 301 redirect, not an addon domain. Either way, the additional domain won’t help your SEO.

You cannot promote a website with zero content… Its next to impossible, because you cannot drive traffic to a blank website.

Instead focus on promoting your domainNameA.