Does it hurt to have 2 domain names point to the same site?

I currently have two domain names that point to the same exact content. Is there any disadvantage to that?

My primary website is a photography website, which showcases my own photography. I ended up calling it “GlenVision”, partially because my personal name wasn’t available as a domain name at that time. Many photographers simply use their own name followed by “.com” for their website address, but that wasn’t an option for me then.

A couple years later, my personal name became available as a domain name. I bought it the moment it became available, thinking it might be nice to have my own name as a domain. At the time, I didn’t have any detailed plans to build a second site for this domain, so I just pointed it to the same hosting account as my first website. I thought I might figure out a better use for the second domain at a later date.

Now, I’m wondering if it would be better to build a second website for this second domain that bears my personal name?

Could it be hurting the search engine ranking of the original “GlenVision” domain in any way?

Perhaps I should build a second site for the second domain, to try reaching a different audience, and perhaps generate more AdSense revenue in the process?

I appreciate any helpful suggestions.

thank you,
Glen Berry

Ok. The 301 redirect is something I’m not currently doing, but I’ll check into that today. If I keep the second domain pointed to my original site, that would seem the thing to do.

However, do you think it would be better to build a second site for my second domain? If I did that, I would do my best to avoid overlap in the content and themes of the two sites, and I’d try to reach a different audience with the second site.

Just 301 redirect the second domain so that the search engines only see one domain regardless of which of the two domain names is used.

That is always an alternative. It also gives you additional web pages for people to link to.