Screensaver does not work if my ktorrent has some items

Under my Kubuntu 18.04 I have installed screensaver with default options andf it works, but I found that it fails working
if my ktorrent(also with default options) has some items (completed or in process no matter). If list of download items is empty
then screensaver works ok.

Why so and how to make screensaver working always?


Because a screensaver that’s meant to activate when your computer is idle won’t activate when the computer isnt idle.

shut down ktorrent when you leave the computer?
hardwire a ‘start screensaver’ button combination and push that when you leave the computer?

  1. Running screensaver manually - interesting idea, could you please clarify commands/path ?
$ start screensaver
Command 'start' not found, did you mean:

  command 'stars' from snap stars (2.7jrc3)
  command 'smart' from deb smartpm-core
  command 'rstart' from deb x11-session-utils
  command 'tart' from deb tart
  command 'startx' from deb xinit
  command 'kstart' from deb kde-runtime
  command 'stat' from deb coreutils

$ whereis screensaver

$ whereis xscreensaver
  1. are there some replacements for screensaver/ktorrent?

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