Scott Hanselman has his Wife test Windows 10 Technical Preview

So I found this video pretty interesting. I actually laughed when she discovered things that previously existed, but I could see my wife doing the same.

Some of the features in Windows 10 are nice, but I’m not sure they’ve added enough to justify a whole new version of Windows.

Anyone else play with the Technical Preview yet? I installed it on a VM far enough to play around, but then haven’t started that VM back up for several weeks.

I too installed the TP in a Virtualbox VM when Win 10 TP was first made available. If you’ve not fired up the VM in several weeks you might want to do so in order to install the latest updates which I believe brings the build up from 9841 to 9860.



As long as the “Metro Tiles” BS isn’t the default, I’m sure Win10 will blow Win8 out of the water.

Unless, of course, Micro$oft plans on shoving something else down our throats… then the gloves come off.



The default desktop is more reminiscent of Windows 7. The Metro Tiles seem to be pinned to the right side of the start menu (after slicking on the Start menu tab).


As long as the “Metro Tiles” BS isn’t the default, I’m sure Win10 will blow Win8 out of the water.

It’s not. It’s going to be very good, so far from what I’m seeing it’s going to beat Win7 for being the best one yet.

As an added bonus, to all Windows only users who don’t know the joy of using Multiple Desktops… 10 finally put this on Windows natively instead of using clunky programs to emulate it. Multi-Desktops is pure productivity.

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It’s about freakin’ time! I have an old laptop that I removed the partition on the HD and put Ubuntu on it. Had to make minor changes to configs and download one TINY file, but I got the multi-desktop to work on it. WHOA… CTRL-(L arrow or R arrow) to “slide” from one window to another, or CTRL-(down arrow) to bring up a smaller view of all four windows and you could choose directly which one you wanted… LOVE IT! If Win10 is finally doing this natively, I just gained an iota of respect, for it. :smile: