Save background images with page

hi all

have anyone using a plugin for any browser to save background images with the web page.

it can be for any browser firefox, ie, opera.


In firefox if you want to save a background image you can just: right click ~ view background image ~ right click ~ save or copy image

hi phillip

i know about it but with that i have to save all background images one by one.
i want to save all images and background images together with webpage.


ah i see, I was going to say try file ~ save page as but that seems to get everything apart from the background images

In Firefox’s web developer add-on, information ⇒ view page information ⇒ media. ctl-click each background image, then click save as.



vinpkl, in Internet Explorer you should get an entire page saved (background included) if it’s saved as a single archive (I think the extension is mht) it pulls together all the scripts, images and resources to ensure the page appears as it would onscreen, hope that’s helpful :slight_smile:

hi alex

.mht file is a single file saved (doesnt have seperate images folder) as on original domain.
if i have to view that file in firefox or any other browser then it doesnt opens in them.

it opens in IE only.


vinpkl, I tried saving a website using Firefox (File > Save As > “Save complete page” option from the save dialog) and it saved all the background images and all the associated files with it, so I’m not exactly sure what issue you are having but perhaps it could be something to-do with how you are trying to fetch the files?