Saving/printing a site with lots of iframes does not work


i hope its the right forum.
I try to save this site:
The reason is that he updates and sometimes i want to look at older settings.

No matter what i try it does not work.
Tried saving as “wep page complete and html” in IE and FX.
Tried screen shoots with “page saver pro” in FX.
Tried printing as pdf and tried convert website to pdf in Acrobat (what i prefer).

Some ideas?

i think you better save that as complete web page with html

Are you trying to capture the content or the design? If just the content, I just tried using Instapaper and it captured all the content just fine from that URL in your post.

What i would do is “View Source” Then Past that onto DreamWaver or any Other Script Reader, my preference is DreamWeaver (yes i know allot of designer hate it) And then you take it from there, you will be able to replace anything and view things.

Or maybe If you could be more specific, try also CutePDF writer.

Please elaborate more on your goals.