How this site is disabling "Saving" pictures?

Please open this link

Now when you right click on the image (in Firefox) and select “View Image”, you will see nothing. The image is not appearing and in the address bar it is showing this URL

Even if you select “Right Click > Save Image As” you cannot save that picture but that invisible.gif file will be saved.

How is this site protecting images?

I want that script or whatever technique they are using.

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I love the class name on that gif image too. :lol:

lol yeah, I saw that too. :lol:

All they are doing is making you jump through a few extra hoops to get the photo. Once an image appears in a user’s browser you cannot stop them from taking a copy.

As a last resort all a user has to do is press the PrtScrn (Print Screen) key on their keyboard and a copy of the screen is put into their clipboard. You then simply open a new file in Photoshop or most other other image editing applications using the contents of the clipboard. Once it is in an image editing application you can do what you like with it.

Bottom line: if it’s going to cause you problems if anyone copies your web images, then don’t publish them on the www in the first place.

No one should ever need to do that. Using the “Save As” option from the browser’s “File” menu should be able to save the entire page including the images without having to run the risk of losing image quality by taking a screen print. If they have somehow managed to block that menu from appearing then there are two further choices - to switch to a browser where it isn’t blocked or to just copy the images directly from the browser cache.

I’d consider copying from the browser cache to be the last resort with no need to ever consider using PrtScrn.

All that it is doing is displaying a transparent GIF image in front of the other image. When you right click and save you get the front image and not the one from behind.

Of course you already have all the images stored in your browser cache and could easily copy them from there to somewhere more permanent on your computer (via the File/Save As menu option is the simplest way). Of course you wouldn’t copy any images for use anywhere other than as a part of the web page that they are in because that would be stealing.

I just use the PrtScrn if File->save is disabled for some reason purely from the point of ease and convenience as opposed to going to the cache or any other folder to look for it. Any mage quality loss from using PrtScrn is negligible for my purposes.

They’re certainly gone out of their way to make ripping the images tricky, not only are they using the invisible gif trick but when you extract the image file path from the HTML it’s been quartered like this - so you have to get the four pieces and put it together in photoshop or something which most people don’t have.

Why not just do an image search

a simple screenshot will let you still steal the image anyway. printscreen key in windows will copy everything on your screen to the clipboard. More than anything, you can annoy your users, but you can’t stop them from taking content once it’s on their computer.