Same nameservers multiple domains Plesk

Hi guys,

I have recently come across from shared hosting to a Centos5 VPS + Plesk.
This is all new to me but learning fast. This has been confusing me for a number of days now and I cannot seem to find a concrete answer.

When I create clients and then create domains for those clients this assigns a new set of DNS settings for each domain. Makes sense or all the mailboxes would merge I guess. Within these DNS settings there is one nameserver created as I have 1 dedicated IP with my VPS. I add a new record and create a secondary NS record and point it to the same IP as most domain registrars want a primary and secondary nameserver.

Every Time I create a new domain I have to make this secondary NS record and then point the domain to these two brand new nameservers assigned to the domain.

Is there anyway I can just have one set of nameservers for all the existing domains and future registered domains? It’s important that the are separate though.

One domain registrar allows me to enter Glue Records and apply the IPs to the nameservers. Another registrar say they have to register the particular nameservers in order for me to use them on my domain. Are Glue Records the same thing?

Very sorry if this seems very simple to you guys but as you can see I’m pretty confused having spent hours deciphering information.

Any help or advice would be greatly received.

Thank you!

I’ve managed to get a little further but still struggling.
I’ve registered 2 custom nameservers with my registrar. These nameservers are now being picked up through whois and tracert. However when I create NS records for my domains on Plesk and apply these registered name servers the website is no longer reachable. The nameservers have been applied on the registrar side as well. Any ideas?