Ryan Reese does 2/2 rubiks cubes blindfolded

And 15.03 average of 5. Just thought I’d like to share them.



Congratulations Ryan. I’m unable to do one… blindfolded or not :lol:

Great achievement. It proves what you can do if you really take the effort and practice :slight_smile:

Look Ma no hands :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations sir! That is quite a feat. :slight_smile:

Congrats Ryan! I can do it without blindfold but would take me a lot of minutes…

You can learn how to do the cube in a minute or less (takes practice obviously) if you devote some time! You can learn how to solve the cube in an hour, probably less!

It’s a sensational feeling solving the cube.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Damn, kid!

How does that work? You looked at the cube, memorised where the things were, then kept a mental image in your head that you solved while moving your hands?

How were the cubes scrambled?


Not trying to take away anything from… whatever this is, but Rubik’s cube has rather mechanical solutions. It’s not so much about deep thinking (or even about thinking), but about following and forming patterns: cross, F2L, 3-look LL etcetera. That is, a lesson for children to learn to think out of the box.

The essential is to remember that the centre square on each face decides which colour you should try to put on it, since those squares are fixed always.

The rest is about pattern matching. A rather dull challenge once you discover that. Probably that’s why parlour tricks were devised in order to keep up the interest in Rubik’s cube.

I, for one, would be impressed by someone solving Rubik’s cube in a different way rather than drag racing a known solution. One thing though: I already know and applied the old “disassemble and reassemble” one! :lol:

^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFACrIx5SZ0 Maybe they will find a different solution?! :rofl:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Are you proud of yourself now, noonnope?


I hardly find anything I said offensive. And I hardly find what he did intellectually challenging.

If he posted a parlour trick on a public forum with intent to amaze those not knowing how non-intellectual a Rubik’s cube solution is, I believe I can also speak my mind about it.

Just so you know, my intellect is just a little above groupies. :lol:

One trick I was impressed by, was this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOHHQMQBd5s. Now, that’s smart and innovative. Damn those Japanese! :wink:

Here’s the English version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNr1oLhZ0zs.

Useful, smart, simple and… ORIGINAL!!!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Oh, I can tell.

Original or not, Ryan worked hard and practiced to learn it. For me, that’s always worth celebrating.

If it’s not for you, go fold some T-shirts.


OK, I will :lol:

I’m a bit confused though on why are you so touchy about one person speaking his mind of :slight_smile:

Surely we can all have different views on a subject. I’m past being impressed by 19ys old bravado. Let’s leave it at that.

I offered you my insight on what it’s not a mind glowing experiment but a mechanical repetition. You can also choose to ignore it.

And you cannot send me packing since the OP chose a public forum, taking a risk exposing his passion on a non-Rubik’s cube specifics forum, and he should expect not all users in it will share the same interest in drag racing a solution ancient as the pyramids. He’s not bringing to the table but an opportunity to show off.

That is my response, and it’s one of the two possible: appreciate it or appreciate at it’s real value. There is no mystery there, but I’ll admit it takes some hard work. But so do those working the field with spuds: train your self hard enough you may become a tractor. Where’s the spectacular in this? I fail to see.

On the other hand, finding very smart ORIGINAL practical solution for things like folding a T-shirt is something worthy in my book. Being practical and wise it’s why you have eurika! floating boats and flying planes. That shows a different view on life. Live with it. Don’t try to make me feel bad I don’t find a parlour trick amazing or fast repeating a solution spectacular. That’s circus amusement and that can also mean some booing sometimes.

Finally, I haven’t signed any agreement to show a false appreciation on SPF. I’m saving kissing one’s behind exclusively for when I’m asking promotions or raises :wink:

Perhaps none of these things are intellectually challenging. Ryan didn’t say anywhere that solving the cube was. He just said solving it felt sensational to him. That’s great, I’d say.

I do similar stuff, but with playing cards. I occasionally take the 52 cards and try to remember all of them in under 10 minutes (on good days less). That isn’t anywhere close to being really good, but it isn’t bad either. I actually think that these kind of exercises are pretty fun to do and they’ve helped sharpen my memory & ability to concentrate quite a bit. What Ryan does isn’t much different. Same idea, different tool.

Well, I agree. To each its own. But going as far as telling me I SHOULD think of it (the OP’s performance, that is) as something amazing…

Different people find different things to challenge them self. I, for one, incline towards rebus (to not be confused with today’s moronic crosswords), cryptographic puzzles, enigmas.

A different kind of games all together. Where the game rules are fixed, but the game changes every time. Asking for different solutions. Really changes. And that gives a different view on Rubik’s cube solutions: the same solution, the same rules, (almost) the same game, every time. No (hard) thinking involved. And this makes me reveal that. That’s it.

When I crack an enigma though, I don’t start a thread referring to me at the third person: “Mitică does the Sphinx enigma in 2 seconds, blindfolded (knowing the Oedipus’ answer)” :wink: I find it immature and I amend it. Others should find this natural. A bit of reality check.

[FONT=“Georgia”]You’re certainly free to speak your mind, but hasn’t your mother ever taught you that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t bother saying anything?

Okay, so you weren’t impressed. Fine.

There wasn’t any need by you to go off about it. You’re free to if you want to, but why?

What do you gain by making fun of a kid?

That’s the point I was trying to make.

That’s all I have to say too.


You should be very careful approaching me from this angle, my friend. Remember well, I never focused the conversation on family. Be very careful.

What I don’t like I don’t like. If I speak my mind it’s no reason for you to try to handle me. I’m sure different opinions on the matter are allowed in a public forum.

If the kid is stupid enough to try impress ppl with pointless parlour tricks, he should do it in a place where he’s sure to be addressing only to ppl having the same interest in the matter. Posting it here, he opened the door to comments like mine too. There’s no reason for me to make nice if I don’t find it amazing, and I’m sure he’s gaining more from my view than from yours.

As for you, don’t just preach nice, be nice. W/o exceptions. Otherwise you’re just a phony repress intellect waiting for this kind of bad guy/good guy scenarios to show your true colours.

“phony repress intellect” is pretty disrespectful

altogether i find your conduct in this thread to be really obnoxious

there’s no problem speaking your mind and stating your opinion, but you’re more annoying than “the kid” you’ve been dissing

“Oh, mein gott, Ryan!
That’s out of this world, what you’re doing there!”

There. Satisfied?

BTW, there seems to be a problem (with some) speaking my mind. At least on this subject. But I’m not born out of a template :wink:

What buggles my mind is, if I was expressing in this, moderate way, about a tech article, there would be a lot less controversy about it.

If you didn’t get it so far (either of you), I’m defending my right to paint the things the way I see them. Don’t like it? You’re doing the exact opposite of being fair. Or being polite. You’re exposing that less then nobile mentality: “Not with us? Definitely against us!” with a touch of “I can be violent in the name of peace!”.

Think again.