I'm back! :)

I bet noone even noticed me gone for near 3 months, but hey whatever :lol:

I’ve never seen you around here:shifty:, hi.

Hey spikez, great to see you again :).

I was thinking just last week that I hadn’t seen any posts from Ryan for a while. Didn’t realise that it had been so long. Anyway welcome back.

Welcome back Ryan :slight_smile:

600 algorithms? Wow, that’s a lot! Not my cup of tea :smiley:

Did you participate in the US Nationals? Any success?

Yep I participated. GOt owned by a whole bunch of asian friends, but nonetheless it was a blast :slight_smile:

I noticed, I thought you got yourself a life besides SP… :wink:
Just kidding, everything ok I hope?

I always had a life, just not much of one :rofl:. But in all seriousness I got a life now.

Yes completely fine. Just got tired of the constant sniping between people in the CSS forum and my reporting it doing nothing :p. Plus I got heavily into online gaming so that took over my life.
Also I’m learning a new way of solving rubiks cube…it’ll solve the last layer in 1 algorithm apposed to my previous 2. 600 algorithms I have to learn…93/600 done…but hell, its gonna be awesome when I finish :D.

Side note-I went to U.S. Nationals for Rubiks cubes. IT was amazing:goof:

In it to win it!
Congrats on your success! Keep up the good work!
Another example of “Don’t Give Up: Whoever said ‘the sky’s the limit’ was ignoring the footprints on the moon.”
Here’s to your continued success!

And who are you exactly? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thanks guys =).

[FONT=“Georgia”]Three months?!

I noticed you weren’t around so often but damn. A lot of time passed quickly.

Well, welcome back anyways. Glad you had fun.