Running Rails on GoDaddy

I’ve been struggling with getting my Rails app going with GoDaddy. Their technical support is useless. Even the last rep that I talked to admitted that they do not provide a lot of support for Ruby on Rails ‘because FEW people ever use it’ which I find hard to believe.:mad:

Ok, enough of the rant. Are there any Rails developers here that have experience in deploying an app in GoDaddy? I found some instructions online but most of them are 2-3 years old and they didn’t work for me.

Also, do you know any webhosting that you can recommend for Rails applications? Thanks. I’d really appreciate your response.

This is the problem with buying web hosting from a domain registrar. GoDaddy is a domain registrar, that is 99% of their business, and web hosting is just an upsell in the checkout process to maximize profit from domain purchases.

99% of their customers don’t use web hosting or only use it for some static 5 page site they built with the “Website Builder” they also bought during checkout. They’re not kidding when they say few people there use Rails. And their tech support being useless is not unexpected either, given 99% of the tech support staff’s time is going to be spent helping people with GoDaddy’s primary business, domains, so 99% of their training and experience will be there too.

Thanks for the confirmation on that. I just need to convince my client to look for another alternative hosting. On that note, are there any out there that you guys can recommend for Rails apps? So far, I’m looking at Dreamhost, Site5, and Bluehost. Anyone here already had experience with either one of these? Thanks.

Check out Heroku for your Rails app.

They do a full on git workflow that is highly impressive. All you do is push your repository, it detects the rails app and launches it. They have everything well documented, but also offer great customer support. I had submitted a ticked and had a true, not automated, response within 5 minutes. All I can say is extremely satisfied with them thus far.

Outside fo heroku, I’m not sure, but I did find these on the RoR website:
Rails Machine

Just to add, I’m running 5 sites on Heroku for free. (They reckon some of their free accounts are getting 100k hits).

Really great. I miss the feeling of control I had with my old VPS, but the ease of use makes up for it.