RSS Feeds Live

Hi all, Great forums you have here, I’m fairly new to web design but learning slowly, not sure this is the right Forum section to post in for RSS information.

I know zero about RSS feeds, I’ve googled a bit but really cannot get my head around it.

I tested one RSS feed using Google Reader on a page on my web site, however when I updated the content on my web site, it does not update on google reader, is there a way to create an RSS Feed which updates when then content on my site updates?

Would really appreciate some help on this:):slight_smile:

Just for a little more information to my problem.

The website I have is very basic, just a few HTML pages set up via 123-reg domains.

I basically want to create a schedule/calender page which I’ll run as an RSS feed to an iPhone application I’ve made.

The problem with updating manually via the AppStore is you have to wait 10 days everytime you update your app, which is why a live RSS feed would really solve my problems.

I found a way to create an RSS Feed from web pages with RSS Feeds (if that makes sense)

It’s using GoodReader and FeedBurner by following the steps on this site:

Tutorial: Create RSS Feeds for your Website

It’s pretty old information but still the steps work well for me.

My only problem is I want the content to update if the webpage does, so the feed is dynamic but this will not work or at least I cannot find a way for it to work.

Does anyone know a way round this.

Example of problem:

I want to create an rss feed to the time table on this page - Timetable
when they update that time table I want my feed to update too, even if it’s a 30 minute delay.

If you need more info, please let me know.:slight_smile: