Can someone explain how to make a RSS feed for my site?

A dense as that sounds I guess I can’t seem to find a tutorial explaining it in plain easy steps. How do you do it? My site is static html. No CMS Wordpress or other. Thanks.

Like take this generator for instance. Ok by the end I have a easy link. But surely I have to put stuff into my my link - how?

RSS is a subset of XML

AFAIK they are intended to contain content of things that change. So when you say your site is static, I wonder what you have in mind. You want others to subscribe to it so they can keep up with things.

Anyway, you could write the RSS yourself I suppose. But that would be a pain so hopefully you have some server side scripting language available. You could write a script that gathers info from a CSV file, a database, or scrapes pages etc. then writes the RSS file.

Make sure you run your RSS file through the validator

you can use software like feedforall

search google - rss feed online generator