RSS Feed Problem

I recently migrated from Blogger to Wordpress, but for the past year or so I’ve been using Feedburner for my feeds. For blogger, the default RSS feed goes something like:

Somehow, despite telling blogger to redirect my feeds to feedburner, I have about 200+ people still subscribed to the above address. That was no problem as long as I was on Blogger, but now that I’ve moved to Wordpress that address goes to nowhere. The default RSS feed for Wordpress is usually:

Here’s my question: How can I get back these 200+ subscribers? They’re just sitting there subscribed to an unused address. At the very worst I’d like to be able to send them a message telling them to subscribe to the new address but I would love more than anything to find a way to redirect.

Anybody have any creative ideas on how to accomplish this?

I don’t think it’s relevant to my question, but if you’re curious here are my links:
Website: Far West China
RSS: Feedburner Address

I’m not quite sure what you mean by a redirect. Where would I place that redirect?

Right now the feedburner feed has been redirected from Blogger to Wordpress, but somehow this segment of subscribers was left behind.

Would a redirect work for this?