How to get our Wordpress RSS feed working please?

I moved our Wordpress site from one server of our webhost to another. After taking about 14 hours I eventually managed to get the site working on the new server. It is an exact mirror of the site on the old server.

Everything works fine now except the RSS feed.

I believe the URL used to be which would go to

I have tried everything but nothing shows.

It just says:

“Server not found
Firefox can’t find the server at”

I am using Feedburner for the RSS. When I go the ‘My Brand’ page of Feedburner it says:

“The domain you provided, “,” is not associated with a valid CNAME record. Its current CNAME record is: (not found). (If you just updated CNAME records with your domain host, keep in mind it may take several hours for those updates to be recognized.)”

However, I haven’t edited or changed the CNAME at all.

Any idea how I may fix please?

Thanks a million.

Just so that everyone knows, this has been sorted. The web host needed to set the CNAME again as specified by Feedburner’s My Brand.