Wordpress feed url


I am concerned with Wordpress feed url - http://www.yoursite.com/feed. I am using feedburner and want to make sure that all reader use this. but how to make sure that no reader is using default feed url mentioned above. I see, I can read the content using …/feed url.
After lot of Googling found one plugin for wordpress (may be feedsmith).

Is it the redirect (301) that makes it count in feedburner. I think feedsmith only redirect every possible wordpress url to feedburner url!


I forget where, but in the feedburner help it used to tell you how to just reconfigure the feed without a plugin…

but that is not my question.
My question is : is it enough to redirect wordpress http://www.satya-weblog.com/feed to feedburner url? and all the feed subscriber who subscribed to /feed will be counted in feedburner counter!

It looks no one has clear answer or no one want to clear my doubt.I think to change the default wordpress feed page from /feed to something else so that no one know what the direct url. but before that i thought to it is really needed or not.

If you use mod-rewrite to redirect the feed to feedburner, then that will be counted with the feedburner counter.

Ok. Thanks for reply.
I have found that feedsmith is not handling all the feed and that is also one of my issue. I got category and tags feed are there not handled by feedsmith.
I have used url_rewrite for those only and happy now.