Rich text editor inconsistency?

I’m not sure If I should post this here? It regards the rich text editor which I use. There are many inconsistencies in the output. When for example I have two pages outputting content added in the rich text editor the output sometimes suddenly have completely different margins. I even tested it with two times the exact same content copied and pasted from the same notepad document and in the second page there was suddenly an extra line margin between the paragraphs. Is there a way to control this somehow?

That’s indeed where I’m referring too. Do you use it and if so what do you do to get some consistent output from content using it. Or are you using another solution? If it was for my self I wouldn’t have a problem editing it until the output was right, but this is third party and I can hardly expect them to do so!

Are you referring to web based editors? I have found they have a long way to go. They do a careful balancing act between security, function, and web standards.