IE Check

Can someone click around my site and look at the sidebars to see if they look out of whack in IE? They look great in Firefox, but for some reason in IE8, at least, the data in the sidebar is really far to the left…then when I refresh the page…it looks perfect. very strange.


Anyone? Please.

Everything looks okay to me. Just saw all of the pages and refreshed the pages a couple of times but they keep having the same margin-left from around 10pxls

I’m seeing horrible alignment issues in both IE and Opera.

6 and 8 are both float dropping while 7 is not, on my large fonts/120dpi setup many elements are bursting out of their containers, the black border areas in many spots are running up against each-other which I’m assuming they aren’t supposed to do, etc, etc, etc…

This is hardly surprising when we peek under the hood. 39 validation errors are just the tip of the iceberg when there’s 30k of markup to deliver 3.2k of plaintext – but what does one expect from a turdpress template really?

I’d have to throw it all away to even TRY to fix the cross browser issues – but that’s why I generally won’t touch any of the current off the shelf CMS systems anymore as they are all knee deep in the muck and mire when it comes to the simplest of coding stupidity on the markup side of things.

Google Chrome is moving slow here…

Yeah, that is the correct margin. For me it was 0px margin, then 10px after a refresh. Thanks! I appreciate the help! Now I know it was just my machine!