Restore database after upgrading to new version of XAMPP

Hello! I have a problem with a MySQL database that I haven’t been able to solve no matter how much I tried, either with internet guides or with free tools. I really don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to a company so please, if anyone knows of a solution, help me because I’m desperate.

I was running XAMPP 7.1.22 where I had said database and I decided to install XAMPP 7.2.10 without backing up the database. After that, the site wasn’t working so I figured the problem was the database. And indeed PHPMyAdmin wouldn’t recognize it. I reinstalled the previous version of XAMPP and the database was there but unfortunately I could only see the tables. The tables themselves were empty though. So no dump procedure worked and neither the site. Now all I have left is the folder with the database which contains all the .frm and the .ibd files, an .opt file, a .myd file and a .myi file. I also have the ibdata1 file.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you very much for your time! :grinning:


This may not help your current situation, but for future reference, just three things to remember:-

  1. Back up,
  2. Back up
  3. and Back up.

Even if you are not doing an upgrade, still back up your data regularly.
There is a saying along the lines of: If data exists in only one place, it does not exist.

This is probably a lesson already learnt (the hard way) but I had to mention just in case it had not sunk in. Better safe than sorry seems to fit here.

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I strongly agree with Sam, but if all is lost and you didn’t backup your data. Then the only thing is to pray that you had backed up the original data folder with the .frm files in. If you still have it, then just restart mysql and then delete the cookies for the phpMyAdmin logins. Once you do that, you should be able to see everything. But if you didn’t even backup the original data folder too, then you’re out of luck.

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Hehehe. I always back up everything. The one time I forgot to do it, this thing happened. And what a thing!!!

Keeping a backup of your original data folder was your very last line of defense. If you didn’t even do that either then there is 1 thing left, but you will have to do this yourself. If you made your own site, then you can simply look through your files and see what each column and table is called. From there, you can try to recreate your old database back. Though you will have to insert your own data into there to get any result.

If you didn’t make the software and you used a 3rd party software, then redownload that software if you don’t have it already downloaded. Then reinstall it again using the new downloaded folder. Once you do that, you can use the new database to point to the old files. If you installed plugins, make sure those are reinstalled as well.

You will have to do this by yourself because this is the last last resort if you don’t have any backups of anything. You have to manually restore it.

Well after waiting and trying a lot, I decided to roll back the site and add the missing content again. Thanks for your time.

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