Missing database files

Hey Guys.

I’m still new to all this, so bare with me please.
This is my problem:
I just created a new database in xampp and I’ve already set a connection to the database on all relevant php files.

Each time I go to localhost in my browser I only get to access older database websites I’ve created, but never the new one I just created. Even though I can access and edit it through phpMyAdmin.

Then I noticed that the new site’s database isn’t displayed in the xampp>mysql>data folder. How do I get the data displayed there?

Thank you in advance. I’d really appreciate some help.


i want to apologize in advance because i can’t help with your problem (installs are not my strong suit) but i just wanted to point out that…

bear with me = have patience
bare with me = let’s get undressed together


lol thanks. I’ll remember that. :smiley:

r937, but don’t you perhaps have any idea what I could do to fix my problem or possible causes of the problem?

I don’t know where XAMP keeps the folders for sites but in WAMP it’s in a folder called ‘www’, have you created a folder in the ‘www’ folder to keep all the files (php scripts, css files, etc) for the new site in?

In xampp I stored a folder with all the pages of the website in ‘htdocs’ and on the same level is a folder named ‘mysql’. Inside ‘mysql’ is a folder named ‘data’ and this is where the database information is supposed to be stored, but it’s not there. I don’t know if I did something wrong.