Can't display table's content on new platform

Hello everyone,
I moved into a new computer and copied databases from the old machine’s MySQL databases
located in c:\xampp\mysql\data\dbname to the new machine.
When I tried to show table’s content I get an error message that says:
“table dbname.tablename doesnt exist” but when I type: “show tables” it shows up !
Attached is a screenshot shows a folder’s content of c:\xampp\mysql\dbname where table
“employers” exists and a screeshot of MySQL interface where table “employers” shows up
when I type: “show tables” but when I type: “select * from employers” I get an error
message says that it doesn’t exist !
Can anyone help me with make that table come to life again?
Thanks !

Exactly how did you copy the databases to your nee computer? Did you do an sql dump.ofvall the databases and import them into your fresh install of xampp on the new computer?

Just copied .frm files through windows10 explorer.

That will be the problem. You should be using MYSQLDUMP to back-up a database.

Try also copying over your ib_logfile0 , ib_logfile1, and ibdata1 files from the mysql > data folder into your new mysql > data folder too.

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Thanks. I thought copying data files to backup disk would be enough.

Thanks. I’ll try it. Maybe Ill install the same MySQL version I used with the old data too.

Eventually your advise helped me bringing back to life the lost tables. Thanks a lot !

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You’re welcome. This has happened to me a few times, so I learned the hard way to always have a fairly new backup of my XAMPP databases by doing a mysql dump of them on a regular basis. Then if you have to move them to a new XAMPP installation, all you have to do is import them using phpmyadmin.


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