Restaurant and its jazz club - combined or separate web properties?

I’ve been given the task of updating the website for our restaurant, which within it has a separate jazz club, in its own room, for an additional entrance fee.

Both places enhance and promote one other.

There’s only one (poor) website at the moment that provides all details, such as the food menu and artist performance calendar.

Should I develop two separate websites, with different domain names i.e. & (fictitious names) and link each site to the other?

If I take this route, there will be some repeated content, such as the location page (though the food menu is different between the two.)

Or should I contain all content within one site, say like the San Francisco restaurant/jazz club Yoshi’s does:

I’m wondering also if the second option of a single domain is better for SEO, as I only have to concentrate and optimize my efforts on a single domain.

I’m also wondering whether the associated internet properties that will be created, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, should be combined or separate for the restaurant and the club?

Has anybody been in such a position before. I would welcome any insights to aid in my decisions.

Personally I would go with a single website, but I can understand the argument for 2 sites. If you have 2 sites you will need to maintain both of them which can be more expensive and time consuming.

If the nightclub is part of the restaurant business I would maintain one website though.

I would create 2 separate Google Place listings though, one for the nightclub and one for the restaurant.