One Domain or Two?

I have a question regarding SEO. I am planning to launch two web sites that are related, but will have different content. For example, let’s say one is BestMovieTrailers and the other is BestMovies.

Am I better off from an SEO perspective to just use one domain and have there be distinct sections, or should I launch as two separate sites (although highly-linked and cross promoted)?

Really would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

[FONT=verdana]I would go with a single domain.

From an SEO viewpoint, it doesn’t make a huge difference. Remember, Google doesn’t rank domains; it ranks pages. But, SEO apart, having a single domain will strengthen your branding, and be less likely to confuse your visitors.


Its better to make a single domain and make SEO strategy strong for your keyword.Try to grab traffic from web,using Whit hat SEO technique and make only quality links.

In SEO, we look at both domain authority and page authority. In your situation where both your websites are going to have content on similar topics, it is recommended to keep all the content under a single domain.

This builds up the amount of content asset that you have on a domain. When your content starts attracting inbound links, the SEO value of these links will be focused on building the domain authority of either one of the domains rather than getting divided between two domains.

It does make a difference. This is the only reason why moz, techcrunch and other sites easy get a good ranking for a competitive keyword with very few backlinks to that particular page.


Can you explain what difference you think it makes, and why?


Under a single domain! It’s more natural/organic.

But it’s not, because of their domains, it’s because of their trust rank + page rank + domain AGE… Am I right?

The domain only comes into it in terms of the age of the overall site. A site that has existed for longer has more authority than one created more recently (but only when the site still covers the same topics). If a domain changes ownership and gets brand new content then the domain age is reset.

For a new site the domain will not have an effect since it is brand new whichever way you go. So you are better off choosing the option that will make things easier for your actual visitors which in this situation would be a single domain.

Go single domain, concentrate on SEO for your keywords, that’s pretty it. Two domains might be quite confusing for your visitors, IMO.

Hmmm… For me, if you want one single for the two, you’d be covering keys for BEST MOVIES and BEST MOVIE TRAILERS. If you want to compete on specific keys, you create two. The competition would be lower compared to having the two in one site. This is in terms of targeting those keys. I understand you can easily have them in one site as they’re both about best movies. Also, when you have your movie listing, you can certainly incorporate the trailers as well. But, nevertheless, if you’d ask me, you can easily compete with narrowed niche. Plus, you can always link the trailer site to the movie site.

As others said have a single domain so that you can concentrate more also linking wont be difficult. Also keep on updating the content

SEO is totally depends on page content. Do not use copy or spam content in your page. Promote a single website instead of two or three it shares your promotion between these. So stay focus on your single website and promote them.