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I never use these forums, but I was wondering what happened to the FAQ section for this course:

The video linked above is out of date and the instructions in it are no longer any good since Gulp 4.0 has made the code here obsolete.

I remember asking questions and helping other students when I first took the course. It even got the author’s attention. Now, the FAQ section is missing, so I can’t point out that his instructions no longer work. I have been unable to figure out the updated code on my own from Googling. I just see that Gulp 4.0 now has a different order for linking functions in series and parallel which breaks all Gulp tasks written for earlier versions of Gulp.

Perhaps @guilherme is around on the forums. Or maybe @mrlagmer can help here.

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@currentcreative, I’m sorry for the delay, I had to spend some time seeing what changed.

Please review these files:

You can clone the whole repository here:

I managed to create a working version of the build and watch processes on Gulp 4. I hope this works for you. Thank you for your patience.


Please note that I’m using postCSS to run autoprefixer here, something that wasn’t done on the course. It’s best to delete the node_modules folder and install everything again according to the package.json file.


Oh wow, thank you so much @guilherme! I never use these forums, but I was not expecting such a quick response.

Do you think you will ever update the course with new videos? Anyone who comes along later won’t know about PostCSS from the video.

It was maybe the most helpful course I ever watched for this sort of thing, which is why I referred back to it again just now. This machine I’m on is the first one to have Gulp 4.0 so it’s the first time I ran into the problem.

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No worries. Someone asked about this before and I took a month to reply, things have been very busy.

About the course itself, thanks for the feedback! I am very glad that it is being a reference to you. Maybe recording an update would not be a bad idea, I will check that with the SitePoint staff.

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