Resolution in Illustrator

Where do I set the resolution of a document in Illustrator CS2.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You don’t :slight_smile: It’s a vector program.
Just set the document size.
The only resolution that can matter in Illustrator, is the resolution of photos you are using in your design - but that’s “set” outside the Illustrator (for example in Photoshop).

Thanks Varelse - that makes sense. I’ll stop looking for that feature then :slight_smile:

If you need to adjust resolution export the graphic for web. That will put it into a pixel format. You can do this in CS2 and do not HAVE to use photoshop. I export everything from Illustrator into png and import into other programs. You can also in CS2 export your files as psd files

Additionally, take note: “Effect >> Document raster effect settings…”. Change this to target resolution if you end-up using AI filters/effects. For example, here is some info in regards to drop shadow:

Also, if you are going to print with your doc, and you are using effects/filters, then you might want to play around with manually flattening the transparency (Object >> Flatten Transparency…) Illustrator usually does a good job flattening automatically on save/export (to some other formats), but doing so manually will give you visual feedback on the fly.

Fortunately for me, most printers I deal with prefer the AI source file, so I do not have to worry about much… but it typically is a good idea to talk with printer to see what they require. If you are not sure, and can’t talk to printer, send a few different formats just to be safe: .tif, .eps, .pdf, .ai. Note: some of these formats will have you set a resolution (tiff/pdf/eps).

Also, placed graphics have a resolution to manage… I tend to always link all photos… Put simply, linked graphics will maintain their native resolution.

For more info, search through the AI help files. :slight_smile:


:injured: Not strictly true… the designer may have incorporated non-vector elements (images) into a file so resolution is of every importance.

The answer to the original question is:
> Effect > Document Raster Effect Settings > Resolution (screen 72ppi/ Medium 150ppi/ High 300ppi)

Most printers would prefer High or Print Quality 300ppi, whereas CS2 default is often set to screen 72ppi.

One can not set the resolution in vector graphics and Illustrator is a vector graphic itself. The images which you import may face some of pixel problem but that to is rectified in photoshop.

Yes, vectors are resolution independent, but savvy Illustrators know that if they use any of the Effects that create rasters in Illustrator — such as drop shadows, feathers, or glows — and their artwork is destined for print, they need to change the resolution for these raster effects before saving the file a final time.

Effects > Document Raster Effects > [radio button selection to ppi required: 300 for print]