Illustrator - What resolution was selected in create new document settings dialog

hi all

i created designed a flyer few days back in adobe illustrator cs6 i am not confirmed whether i created it at 72 dpi or 300 dpi

how can i check if the document was created at 72dpi or 300dpi.

I am not asking about changing image resolution.

I am asking about changing document resolution ??

The resolution option which is selected when we select create new document option.

By selecting the Edit Artboard option, i can only edit the dimensions (w x h)

but i am not able to find anywhere how to check what was the resolution selected in the create new document settings dialog.

see screenshot attached for more clarity on question


Hello @vinpkl You asking about documents resolution. When you create an new document layer you have need to do setting their resolution flow to DPI and H and Wide where you have setting to 300%

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