Researching competitors pricing

How does one go about researching competitors’ pricing for web design services? Most companies don’t list pricing on their websites and provide quotes based on the scope of the project.

After building my portfolio for a while I am looking at starting a part time web design business. I am trying to research pricing so that I can be competitive and not charge so much that I won;t get interest and not too little that I am looked at as not being professional. I know that my portfolio should alleviate but a lot of people make decision based on price.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Pricing varies wildly, as do pricing methods like hourly, per design, whole projects, etc. I think the hardest part is going to be finding a vendor who offers something that is similar enough to what you offer to be useful in comparison.

I think you might have better luck just taking some wild stabs at what you think you might be worth under different circumstances AND finding a few other designers who you think you are similar to with regard to services and pricing. Then compare, but be flexible.

How good are you, and how much do YOU think you are worth? Own your rate!