Anyone can recommend me a Magento theme?

Most of the themes suck there. What I want is a simplistic theme that’s finely crafted just like Thesis for wordpress and similar top-notch themes.

Simple, white, mega menu, and typography masterpiece.

Any idea?

I think themeforest has a Magento themes section.

Thanks feketegy for the suggestion. I found my perfect theme here:

Themeforest has got some good themes - but probably only good in the LOOKS. They are not developed by true Magento masters who loves Magento and knows the cutting edge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SEO inside out. Probably an above average designer + a mediocre PSD to Magento coder. I bought 1 theme there that’s very bloated. A single page download was about 2.5MB by httpwatch. Got some minor cross-browser issues as well. I spent a full week to get it eventually optimized enough for a production site. Not recommended for merchants who are sales-oriented and serious about their online store. Unless he has a developer to do the optimizations.

But themeforest does come very competitive in regards to your budget. The themes aren’t bad, just not great.