Replacing Multiple Images At Once

Hello there! I have a folder. The folder contains 10 pictures. The 10 pictures are exactly the same. A red apple. But each picture has a different naming convention like “Red Apple One Ounce”, “Red Apple One Pound”… Etc ect. The weight changes.

Supposed I have a picture of a green apple. And I want to replace those 10 pictures of the original red apple in my folder at once. When I try to do this on Windows system. Using chrome to download the new picture. It only allows ne to select one of the 10 pictures so I can only change one of them at a time.

I need to do this same process many times. Do you know a more effective way to actually replace all the pictures with the image I want to download at once?

Would really appreciate if someone knows this! I found that to change multiple files names at once I can use batch script or windows powershell! I basically need to apply this process on a couple hundred set of pictures and doing one by one is taking forever.

Hi @rrodr186 ad a warm welcome to the forum.

I am not familiar with Windows but believe there is a free Windows Tool for managing online files. I use the Linux version and can recommend installing the application. It is not straightforward to setup but well worth the effort. If you get stuck then search for a solution or post your questions here.

Ohh I have used filezila before but I did not know it could do bulk downloads of images like this. Probably I worded my question wrong.

I have this random supplier on aliexpress. That makes plastic apples in all sorts of colors. Is a toy for kids. So I’m trying to download all the pictures they have with a naming convention which somewhat helps SEO on the listing. My folder has those 10 base images with SEO optimized names. All that needs to change is the color in the text of the picture. The 10 pictures are exactly the same because this is a dynamic type of dropdown I’m working on. It’s configurable set of products for a magento store. When I try to download a picture using Windows and Chrome and choose my folder…

I can press down CTRL key to try to select more than one picture in the folder. It doesn’t work. I can try holding shift and clicking on the first image and then the last one. It won’t select them all. It selects one of them. The last one I click.

So what I have been trying to do is to figure out how I can make that single image I download. Replace all the images in the folder… And then with bash or PowerShell I can update the name. I’m trying to be productive because is hubdreds of products I’m working on. Yesterday I spent all day and hardly did 5% of everything…

I will try flezila again for this. But I don’t own the landing pages of the vendors in Aliexpress. I will also try to check if a linux system can do what I need.

Thanks for your response! And thanks for welcoming.

FileZilla requires username and password access to the remote site :frowning:

I have just tried using Firefox to download a couple of pictures from the site by right-clicking on an image and selecting “save-as”. The image format was .webp and I had to download a Linux app to view and save the file into a jpg format:


Currentl this forum does not allow uploading .webp files.

If you can run PHP on your computer then I could write a script to change all the image file names to something else.

Please supply a list of the filenames before and after they have been renamed.

I get you. I was whitelisted to download some of these images. And I’m also using Amazon to fetch some of them. I can do save as directly from Amazon and it comes out as JPEG format. I found a windows powershell script in stackoverflow which is working wonderfully to rename the images. Right now I’m going about 20xs faster than yeaterday but still I have to replace each image one at a time when I download. Then I can run the scriot. Then I cab save completed images to drive for my team to have them handy.

In regards to PHP. Any tips to learning it? I’m at best at the junior level. Sort of like a script kiddy I can run and modify commands. Integrate stuff. But I can’t build a full blown app or website from scratch yet. I can get it done by using templates and maybe a framework if I try hard enought. I want to get good at PHP because with my ecom and digital marketing skills if I conquer PHP then I can really put a lot of profitable ideas to work. My focus is on productivity and results.

Ps: using my phone so I mispell a lot. I’m much better on computers.

It is not easy to recommend any tips for learning PHP because it varies tremendously for each person. I picked it up quite easily because I was familiar with the far more strict C, C++, Pascal and Delphi languages and first struggled to ignore variable types and accept the sloppy type juggling* approach. I am delighted that PHP is now promoting type validation. This has decreased processing execution because it eliminates guessing and substituting variables.

Try this quick overview:


I understand it as you are authorized to fetch those images but have troubles to select more than one at the time to download from the page.

You could fetch all images you’ve browsed in your browser’s cache folder. I’m not updated on Windows browsers’ cache, (It’s a very long time since I fetched cached YT mp3 files from the IE cache.)

In most browsers you can view both disk and memory cache from the browser’s about memory page.

But to easily select and copy those images I suggest you use a cache viewer addon.

As a last option, iirc, at Mozilla Addons there were some “catch them all” addons for scrape a page for certain content files or select what you wanted to grab.

I am sorry if I am not understanding your question, so forgive the possible shotgun approach answers.

Possibility# 1
If what you meant is how to replace images on the web, then you shouldn’t have 10 files if all images (the actual graphic shown) is the same. This would no only be a pain to maintain, but also waste bandwidth. Have i file per image, change the SRC attribute on the HTML as needed

Possibility# 2

If what you are trying to do is simply manage files, I am not too familiar with windows, but I imagine the options are similar to what they are on Mac OS. On a Mac I would do a Command + “D” which would create a copy of the folder. I would then rename that folder. Inside the folder I would have 10 files named the same as your first. On the mac menu there is an option called “folder actions” One of them is “rename” It’s essentially a find and replace text, but for file names. So for example you could highlight all 10 files, search for “red”, replace with “green”… voila!

Possibility# 3
You are trying to download theses images OFF a website into the aforementioned folders. As mentioned above you could use PHP to do this. However, I work as an Art Director, and one of my concern with such methods is quality loss due to format change JPEG is a LOSSY format after all)

if you have all the SRCs, why not use Javascript?

you could run this snippet

var  theImages =[] //an array of the image's  URLs
var  theNames =[] //an array of the image's  names , match these 
for (let i=0, l=theImages.length; i<l; i++){
var link = document.createElement('a');
link.href = theImages[i]; =theNames[i];
link.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click'));


again am sorry if am off base … but hopefully this helps

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This is not exactly what I need but is very useful information. I will try this as it will help me in other areas of my workload. Thanks for pointing this stuff out!

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