Changing loads of images at once?

I have 3 folders on the pc, all have 300 images in each folder, the images in 1 folder are 100 x 100, in another, they’re 75 x 75 and in the last, 80 x 80.

I need to resize them all to 70 wide by 80 high, (no cropping), then sharpen.

What free ways are there to do that, as quickly and as easily for a newbie to do please ?

I do have Irfanview and Photoshop7

Any help much appreciated.


Try XnView, it has the batch capability for the job. It is free for non professional use.

Many thanks - how newbie user-friendly is it please?

Will give that a try and if anyone else has any other ideas, please let us know.

Can’t really say. You can do advanced manipulation with it, but is very straight forward to use for simple tasks.

Just remember that a jpg looses quality every time you save it if you not set the compression to none (100%) or switch to png if you do the job saving in intermediate steps.

do you happen to have your PC set up as a server?

why dont you make an action that resizes to 70x 80 then shapens … export it as a droplet… then just drag all of the images ( 900 … and do it all at once) If you are worried about quallity you can create 3 droplets, using the same resize but different levels of sharpen…

Many thanks all for the help on this. Which program are you in for the above please?