Any function/class/library to Upload an entire Folder to Server, using PHP


I am trying to upload hundreds of images stored in a folder. The user will select a folder using Browse, on theil PC, and then the PHP code should take each and every photo inside the folder, and upload it to the server.

If thumbnail images (meaning resizing the image - either before or after the upload) can be done, it will be an added advantage.

Please update if there is any existing library, function, or utility that can make a single click to upload all files in a folder, using PHP


Currently the only way to upload an entire folder is to ZIP it and then use PHP’s built in class to extract the contents of it as WebKit is the only browser to support directory uploads.

Indeed. It’s a limitation of browsers rather than PHP. You can quite easily do it with Flash, but whether you’d want to rely on that is up to you.