Removing a transparent image (border) outline

I have taken a jpeg and used the selection tool, inversion and masking to extract the image from the jpeg. This all worked well minus some rough draft fine tuning. I then selected the image and moved it to a transparent file so i would just have the image itself. My issue came when i tried to drag and drop this extracted object from the newly created file to my web page mockup file.

When i did this the transparent image of the object takes a thin white outline with it of the image size. Attached is a web page mock up with the described issue. Notice the 3 trees and the roots have square or image outlines around them. It seems this outline as stated above is the outline from the actual transparent image.

I thought about using he eraser or the clone tool to get rid of the lines, but thought there must be an easy way to get rid of these lines. Maybe i did something wrong during the quick selection or masking steps.

Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

What is this thin white outline? How do i remove it?

there is some white background from my graphics extractions.

example - white in the roots graphic or some white background in the leaves.

Those parts are not my issue i will remove that later. The issue is the square and rectangular border outlines.

The quickest way in this case is for you to use the Eraser tool (or selection marquee) to get rid of the white lines.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the reply. Selecting the layer and using the eraser tool was the quickest way to eliminate the issue.

I ended up just doing that with the rest of the root and some of the tree background issues.