Returning to the world of web design


It’s been a long time since I’ve touched anything web design related, I’ve decided it’s something I want to get back into.

I have always wanted to learn PHP but one of those things I haven’t gotten around to as of yet. I’ve ordered myself a copy of Kevin Yang’s new book ‘PHP & MYSQL: NOVICE TO NINJA, 5TH EDITION’.

In the mean time I thought it would be wise to brush up on some basic HTML skills and learn some CSS while I’m at it. What is the best way to bring myself up to speed in terms of HTML5 and CSS3 so I can start working through my new PHP book… do any members here have recommendations on any books, online resources or video tutorials that I may not be aware of that will help me quickly learn the basics again… it’s been many years!

any suggestions are welcome


Hi Paul. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Just be aware that HTML5 and CSS3 are mostly experimental at this stage and not the meat of the issue. First focus on the CSS and HTML that have been around for years, and then find out what’s cooking over the horizon.

There are goods books on HTML and CSS at StiePoint, but another option is to try out a few of the courses at Learnable, such as Practical CSS.

Welcome back to the world of web :slight_smile:

Just a notice on HTML / CSS as Ralph also pointed out, HTML5 and CSS3 are additions and not so much remakes of the “older” languages. Meaning that if you haven’t touched it for a while, you can sit down and learn all the new HTML5 things, but you’ll be lacking the basics on which HTML5 is built, the same goes for CSS3.

So I would recommend brushing up the oldschool basics before you plunge into the hip world of HTML5/CSS3. THere are literally thousands of guides/books/lessons on Html and CSS, sitepoint offers a few books that are great in their bookstore for example.

Hello guys,

thanks for the responses… can’t beat the basics that is for sure imo a good foundation is key!

I’m considering the Sitepoint learnable option however for now I think I’ll do some reading then move into that. Back when I was doing light web design CSS was not used much not by myself any way… so this will be new for me what do you recommend reading or which courses for the beginner ?

There are so many good books it’s hard to know where to start, but the SitePoint ones are worth looking at. Everything you need to know is online, but it’s spread all over the place, which is why I prefer a book that presents a subject from start to finish in logical order.

for some php i found it easier to get a few basic code generators and learn the code through dreamweaver

I agree with Ralph, in theory you can learn everything about CSS for free online - but I think spending a bit of money to get a quality book is worth it, seeing as the good books have content-related and relevant excercises, which are presented in an order that follows your learning curve.

My shelf is full of computer/coding books, partly because I study it at University, but mostly since I’ve invested in them and atleast 95% of them were a great investment judged by skills/knowledge aquired.

Here are some basic books I’d recommend:

Building Your Own Website the Right Way w/ HTML and CSS. That’s a great book to rehash the basics of HTML and CSS. It’s pretty beginner, so it’ll be a quick and easy read.
HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World will go over the current basics for HTML 5 and CSS3 and get you caught up to the basics of those languages - of course, it’s slightly out of date (even after just a few months) so browsing sites, asking questions, and catching up to new developments is worthwhile. Most of the info in that book is fantastic, though!

After that, web articles, web design newsletters (I subscribe to 3 - Smashing Magazine, [url=]Sitepoint’s Newsletter (Design Festival and the general one), and [url=]Web Designer Depot are all really great.

Good luck!