Redirection domains to one site


I have store with domain name (eg. containing the keywords (cat food) and I still linkbulding this site. I have top in SERPs for keywords from domain name (cat food).
I want buy two new domain name containing keyword in domain name eg. and for kewords from domain name.

I want to use the new domain to the positioning old store for new keywords.

Now what next?

Permanent redirect (301) new domains to old domain?
I want linkbulding redirect domains and with keyword cat meat and natural cat food and. This good idea?
Maybe better linkbulding old domains with keyword cat meat and natural cat food without new domains?

What do you think?
How to good use of additional domains?

301 redirects work ok at the moment but may well not too for too much longer. The new domain would need to rank for the target keywords before you 301 it for them to have any real effect.

Yes you have to redirect, but as previously stated you have to be careful as you may see your hits drop for a while. Tray and run both domains together for a while and get some ranking for the new domain before you switch.

Thank you guys.

A redirect can lower the ease of accessibility experience of the users. You should probably not think of a permanent 301 redirect, rather use it as a temporary tool to build user base to your new sites. Later on you should make the sites completely independent of each other and allow them to be searched with independent keywords.