Multiple keyword-rich domains

I have multiple keyword-rich domains. Whats the best way (from an SEO point of view) to handle these? Shall I:

  • Set up a 301 to redirect the domains to the website
  • Setup minisites under each domain and have a link back to the main website

301 to redirect the domains to the website

tim2000 said true - 301 redirection is better for your site according to this search engine will treat as all the websites are permanently redirect main site.

Thanks guys. Can I ask how you have come to that conclusion? Have you read it somewhere? Ive read quite a few articles and people seem to say 301s are a waste of time, and others say its the best thing to do. Im confused! This is one of the links Ive been looking at:
what do you think?

Don’t do too many as it’ll look like exactly what it is and you’ll risk a penalty or more likely just be wasting your time.