Redirect old site with a Redirect 301 - is this possible on all sites?

Have just finished a site for a client that replaces on old site on one of those free hosts - (lycos). - so no real domain name.

Is there any chance at all that Tripod would post a redirect 301 to the new site? I can’t seem to find a contact email address for them - tried to submit a ticket. The client got a Welcome to Lycos type email!!! which made no reference to my request in the ticket.

Have been onto the lycos/tripod site - plenty of information on how to sign up but nothing on how to leave!

At the moment I have managed to post on the old site some “We have moved” text with the new address but a proper redirection would be nice. I suspect I am wasting my time.


I’m assuming that they have an actual domain name now? Do you have access to the HTML on the old “freebie” site? If so, you might be able to redirect from within the page? Please provide a link.

No, it is not possible.

If you have an access of HTML pages on old free host then you can set 301 redirection to new host from old host. You can take a reference of following URL to know how to set 301 redirection:


The most common way to make a site redirect is to use an .htaccess file and a simple Redirect 301 / (too simple for mod_rewrite). Unfortunately, I don’t believe that any free host would provide access to an .htaccess file so that’s likely to be unavailable.

The next way, using simple HTML code, is to use your 404 page with a brief message that you’ve moved and a <meta http-equiv=“refresh” content=“5,” /> in the <head> which should redirect after 5 seconds.

The only other way that I can see (on free hosting websites) is to include the <meta> statement in the <head> section of every page.